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The CRI Transition - Brainstorming and Resources
This course is here as training playground for everybody to test moodle resources and activities. Feel free to try.
Everybody has coordinator rights here.
But... no guarantee that what you create here stays untouched. Enjoy!

Group for general issues concerning clubs. Organization, sharing of experience, management, etc...

Emergent Technologies Club (ETC) at CRI is dedicated to work as an open platform to discuss on emerging technologies in Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno domains, future driven movements like transhumanism and entrepreneurship in these cutting edge tech and sciences.

Welcome !

We are usually interacting on a separate Mailing-List, please consider joining it : http://groups.google.com/group/fabelier

All information about our projects and event are on our wiki : http://fabelier.org

See Also our Twitter, and Facebook accounts
Welcome ! 

Wax science promotes a stereotypes free science.

The Gamelier club is for those who want to meet up to make games together. We focus on educational and scientific games, but all creative energy is welcome. Together, we can present ideas, learn about game design theory, contribute to each other’s projects, run workshops and hackfests.